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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Satan vs Christ

Hello again! I was just reading some comments about the quran and
the bible in comparison and who worships what. Its interesting that
the islmaic religion worships a human being like themselves who
proclaims Himself,no surprize there, as all the people who are clerics
do the same thing, a prophet and decides to write a set of standards
to live life by when in fact He was a follower of the christian religion
himself for his set of standards are copied in reverse or alongside the
living word of God. Satan himself copies all the things of God for there
is no light nor wisdom in him. For all Godly wisdom serving a true God
only comes from The One True God and His living Son Jesus Christ.
Satan is the ultimate in sefishness and in awe of himself knowing he has
but a short time on this earth and will be cast in darkness and torment for
eternity. Its amazing how that islamic's claim of following the one true God
yet promote violence, religious predjuice,and oppression which the true
God of the universe is a God of Love and Life not death and
destruction nor oppression of people lording it over them for power
and material gain and recognition. All who do, are in direct conflict
with the almighty, one and true God, of the universe, including
christianity or free america or the arabs or russia or africa, etc!
The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Its not a phyiscal kingdom as all might suspect but will be manifested
when Jesus comes back to earth to separate all that offend out of His
kingdom.Its not a phyiscal jewish kingdom of material wealth as the
jews keep promoting that it will be someday which is a lie.Islamic
is the following and worshipping of a human being not the son of God
which came in the flesh to die for our sin and rebellion who is God.
The human being that islam reveres cannot save any one nor even himself.
He hated the attrocities of immorlity that the christians of his time
where into, which shouldn't have been, so he thought and figured Jesus
wasn't real and couldn't handle the program but he could. So he made
rules rather than the changing of the heart of man, which he couldn't and
he started islam as a violent religion by attacking, killing and persecuting
the christians, which he became no better than them. And I'm sure, critizing
them to no end and calling them infidels.So through the ages, as it began so
it is, a violent predjuice religion trying to take the world in works of the flesh
which christianity is of the spirit and in changing of the heart believing in and
having the Life of Christ. In Islam you cant have the life in one of another only
human being that can't even save himself cause of his sin. Jesus had
no sin and never sinned even tho He came into this world and was flesh
and blood tasting death for every man and resurrected so all who believe
in Him may live eternally. so if Mohammed died without believing in
Chist as His Lord and saviour, as he so writes and everyone follows,
God says he is dead forever and will notlive with God for eternity.

I watched the news concerning the giving of food to the people of
iraq and what I saw where all scambling over each other trying to
get to the food without respect to women, the old ones and children.
You see and hear of insurgents(criminals of humanity) hiding behind
women and children without regard for their lives and even the mother
without regard for her child in the name of allah. Never have I witnessed
such disregard for life as I have seen in the islamic religion. The true God
is no where like that and hates such attitudes irregardless of who is doing it.
God is no respector of persons.

I get that a lot out of christians here when they aren't following holiness
which the Lord says without it no man shall see the lord.

Israel today is only a political state out of the imagination of
politics and has nothing to do with prophecy or reinstatement as of
old. flesh againist flesh which will come to nought.