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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Westboro is a False Witness for Christ

What is Truth? The word of God out of a pure heart.
West boro is a false witness for Christ.
God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked.
Would He have sent Christ if He did?
Guaranteed we wouldn't be reading this if He did.
God does hate sinners {ones who insist on doing evil and
do not respond to His loving Christ to get out of sin
by repentance and walk in faith towards Him. They love
their sin more than God or His Christ.}
Even though He hates the sinner He isn't here to kill and destroy lives.
The devil does that because men love sin and want to be blinded
to the truth of God's word.

Yes its true God is love but He also is Holy and Righteous which
means Sin cannot be overlooked. He requires, and firmly so,
personal accountability for ones motive and actions. He will judge
the whole of humanity once He sends Christ back to earth.
It isn't how much you are good or how much you are bad.
If you don't know Christ in your life and clean and holy you will
be cast into outer darkness away from any light or truth because
you have chosen that in your life on earth. The reverse is true.
Found in Christ and holy then forever live in peace and light with
Him. This includes West boro and His disciples.

Now West boro is saying "Thank God for dead soldiers"
Try Romans 13.1-7 and take a look. If God was killing the
American soldiers for sin in this country then He is against
His own word. The spirit behind West Boro is of condemation not salvation.

Old testament covenant meant retribution on Israel because
they entered into a covenant with God and agreed to its consequences and
blessings. It was a natural covenant but now we have a spiritual
covenant based upon individual choice not collective as a nation or
the world. God is not any should perish and He holds off on judgment until ones
death or Christ's return giving ones life as a space and mercy to repent and follow God.
Things are happening because the end is near due to the
hardening and blackness of mens hearts to love sin every day in
word, thought and deed-----even the so called churches. NO faith!

When Adam sinned God cursed the earth, and the earth and the people
became less than the perfection that God had made and the people
now had no connection to God spiritually (..guilt and condemnation had
set in over the world {not born a sinner either..at birth, just natural, no
sin or holiness} with no spiritual connection as Adam had) . Mankinds
imagination became continually evil from their youth when the individual's first sin
was committed after being just born natural. Sin is a moral choice and
babies can't reason until the age of accountability.

God set up natural Israel for salvation from the curse and to show Himself
upon the earth and His goodness and mercy and love but mankind continually
rebelled against Him. Anyone of another nation could come into Israel and become
one of them and be blessed of God. All this was a foreshadowing of the coming salvation
through Christ to the whole world and lifting the curse and being able to work
with individuals and not a natural nation anymore.

Then the return of Christ will be the final work upon the earth in the salvation of mankind.
First the natural Israel (Jews) then the Spiritual Israel (Jews and
Gentiles) then eternity for the damned and eternal life with Christ for the
Holy Ones (Spiritual Jew-whomsoever will).

We are told that it is the word of God that is the discerner of the thoughts
and intents of mens hearts not our opinions unless they are based on the
word. West boro does not hold up signs depicting the word of God,
letting the word judge the hearts.

Westboro also misinterprets the word "world" which scripture reads to
mean "all individuals all over the planet".
Remember read Romans 13.1-7 . God doesn't dispatch disciples to
harass and demean people. His disciple are people who preach the
truth that God does hate sin and sinners that deny the truth and will
not repent, but through mercy and kindness of the gospel of Christ to all,
repentance is offered until Christ's return, who will come to Him until the end
when salvation will end and then the judgment.

Romans 2.6-11 read this and be enlightened. (Its faith not law)
His disciples lift up Christ and come to heal, save and preach the
kingdom of God has come, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy
Ghost being saved out of your sin to live there no longer but in
Christ..righteous/perfect/holy as He is holy {not sinning}..in faith and not
a law of works of the self righteous religious sinners.

The devil comes to kill and destroy, and one who sins and will not
repent is of the devil and his child, that will not be here on earth
when Christ returns with all His saints ---the Bride of Christ---
making the new heaven, new earth--- the New Jerusalem---"the spiritual Israel of God"
that Christ and the love for Him and His truth one has obtained through the portals of time.
"144,000" {12 OT x 12NT x 1000 [undetermined number]} Jews"-spiritual Israel of God.